No matter what size the client company, GW&P’s goal is always to achieve the best possible result for its clients. One way of achieving this is by ensuring it never hides behind legal jargon. Many aspects of IP can be complex and far from straightforward so being as clear, concise and simple as possible makes excellent sense.

The ultimate success of IP requires a collaborative approach between both parties; this way maximum benefits are achieved. For instance it allows us to identify more opportunities when drafting specifications and claims or when developing legal arguments. Through knowledge, long experience and truly understanding client needs George Widjojo & Partners provides relevant solutions; ones that meet short and long-term client requirements.

GW&P understands the necessity of adding value to a client’s business. While IP projects can sometimes appear costly, we do aspire to provide value for money by creating the best possible IP solution. This provides the client with an excellent ROI lasting many years.

60% of GW&P clients are multinational. Some are Forbes 500 companies too. The remainder are national clients that range from large corporations to SME operations clearly indicating that George Widjojo & Partners are answering client needs, be they international or local.