George Widjojo & Partners offers a comprehensive service for all aspects of patent law. We prepare and register all patent applications in line with the legal requirements of Indonesia and other countries. In addition we provide professional advice in relation to aspects of patent validity and infringement, providing both offensive and defensive positions in line with clients’ needs.


If you require George Widjojo & Partners to file a new trademark on your behalf please send a mail directly to us. Please state the mark you wish to register, the goods and services for which the trademark will be used. If known, the class or classes for the goods or services, the details of the applicant and the territories to be covered. In addition we of course can also renew an existing trade mark registration on our clients behalf.


George Widjojo & Partners provides an availability search, along with counseling clients on any issues in relation to registering their trademark. We prepare and register all associated documentation in line with the requirements of Indonesia and other countries. In addition we provide professional advice should there be any disputes or legal proceedings in relation to trademark infringement.

George Widjojo & Partners helps clients make the most of this situation through the protection of their core brands and domain names. Today, this should be a strategic part of a company’s trademark policy.


George Widjojo & Partners offers comprehensive advice on the protection of Industrial designs and design features covering aspects of functionality, ergonomics and aesthetics. Working together during the initial development stage helps identify the key design features intrinsic to the product and therefore ensures these are clearly covered in the design application.

GW&P can prepare and register all design applications in line with the legal requirements of Indonesia and other countries. Once established we maintain and enforce any issues in relation to the designs, including representing the client in any disputes that may result in either legal proceedings or negotiations.


George Widjojo & Partners provides counsel on all aspects of copyright law and copyright management. This includes term of protection, drafting and use of copyright notices, the transfer and licensing of copyrights to third parties, including the associated agreements. We provide professional opinion in relation to copyright infringement and, if required, the litigation services to address the potential infringement.


George Widjojo & Partners counsels on cost-effective brand portfolio management, use of brands in marketing materials and TVC and print advertising and design materials. If required we can recommend a superior standard of integrated branding services. We also counsel on corporate transactions involving brands, including transfers, licenses and mergers and acquisitions. We work together with you to identify and challenge conflicting marks and help protect your brands from competitor encroachment.


The Internet is the one place all people go to find information about a company and its products. It is therefore crucial that your company name and brands are protected and registered.